VE.Direct to BMV60xS Cable 1.5m


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Victron, VE.Direct Cable to BMV60xS, used to connect the BMV-60xS the GUI Control Color GX

Victron products which feature the VE.Direct serial communications interface allow simple access to detailed information of that product. This document describes how to receive and interpret this information.

See our Data communication whitepaper for more information on other protocols and products available:

The VE.Direct interface includes two modes: Text-mode and the HEX-mode. The purpose of the Text-mode is to make retrieving information extremely simple. The product will periodically transmit all run-time fields. The HEX-mode allows not only to read data but also write data, for example, change settings.

On power up, a VE.Direct interface will always be in Text-mode, and continuously transmits all runtime fields. As soon as it receives a valid HEX-message, it will switch to HEX-mode. It will stay in HEXmode as long as HEX-messages are frequently received. After a product has not received any valid HEX-messages for several seconds, it will switch back to Text-mode and start to auto transmit the run-time fields periodically again.


1.5M, 3M


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