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Conext Auto Generator Start Config Tool for XW plus & SW.

….. and Battery Temperture Sensor 35ft FREE!!

Features & Attributes

  • Auto-Generator Start
    • The Xantrex XW Auto Generator Start (XW AGS) will automatically activate a generator to provide an XW Series Hybrid Inverter/Charger with power to recharge a depleted battery bank or provide additional power for heavy loads.
  • Config Tool
    • The main purpose of the individual device configuration menus is not to configure the entire Conext System but to configure settings that are not available on device configuration wizards, such as the auxiliary outputs of the Conext XW Inverter/Charger and the Conext XW Solar Charge Controllers.
    • Provides a tool for system analysis
    • It allows the user to calibrate the output voltage on the Conext XW when stacking units.


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